Review: HP Slimline s5370t: Trims the Fat and Features

Smaller systems generally sacrifice features for a svelte chassis, and HP's Slimline s5370t is no exception.

By David Murphy, PC World |  Hardware, desktop PC, HP

This theme carries through to the s5370t's external connections as well. The loadout isn't bad, just average: Six USB ports on the system's rear join an optical-out port, a FireWire 400 port, a gigabit ethernet port (and integrated wireless-N connectivity), and connections for 5.1 surround sound. The s5370t's front panel underwhelms with a scant two USB ports and a single multiformat card reader. If you opt for the nVidia GT220 GPU that our review system shipped with, you'll receive an additional HDMI port on the case's rear to play with. Just to put this in perspective, the MicroFlex 75B has more connection options on its rear panel than does the entirety of the s5370t.

The HP's generic wired keyboard is superseded by the system's excellent multibutton mouse. This has to be one of the best mice selections HP's made for any of its systems we've reviewed over the past year. Its thumb-toggle buttons make it easy to access whatever functions you choose to assign, and a selectable DPI toggle allows you to quickly adjust the sensitivity of your device on-the-fly.

You can't really upgrade the s5370t, its gaming performance is subpar, and your connectivity options are limited. Those are some tall weaknesses for the speeds you can pull with HP's Slimline PC--and its performance doesn't represent the best bang for your buck when compared with less expensive value PCs. The best thing that HP's slim system has going for it is, humorously enough, its huge storage capacity. Unless you really need to save on desk real estate, you're better served with a fatter PC that can better throw its weight around.

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