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lego programmer

Hackers vs. programmers, engineers, and computer scientists: What these terms mean

Hacking, programming, engineering, and applying computer science are all different skills, but they get mixed up often. Here are some distinctions.

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4 overblown Windows 10 worries

There are a lot of alarms going off about Windows 10's effect on your security and privacy. We look at the four top concerns to find out whether they're true or not, and tell you what you can do about them.

Portable hard drives

How to use Windows 10's File History backup feature

Need a quick and easy way to back-up your personal files in Windows 10? Give File History a try.

student with an ipad itunes u

The college student's guide to getting started with iTunes U

iTunes U is more than just lectures, even letting college students to turn in homework without leaving the dorms. Here's how to get started with iTunes U 3.0 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

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How to reclaim your privacy in Windows 10, piece by piece

Windows 10 has deep cloud hooks and shares a lot of data with Microsoft in order to create a smart, seamless experience across devices. If you prefer to keep some privacy, here's how to disable all of it.

math jeremy mikkola

Doing math with awk

Using awk to perform simple numerical calculations is easier than you might imagine.

candy crush saga

How to get rid of Candy Crush Saga on Windows 10

The game comes preinstalled on some Windows 10 systems. But don't worry, ycan uninstall it.


How to stop ad trackers and beacons dead in their tracks

As you travel the Web, ad trackers, beacons, and similar technologies track where you go and what you do --- but there's something you can do about it. I've got simple solutions that lets you kill them all, or only those you think are...

outsourcing contract ts

How to build better SLAs for more strategic applications outsourcing

Service-level agreements need to not only look good on paper, the must deliver business results in real life. Here’s how to create more effective SLAs for application development and maintenance.

the puffer fish

Bloatware: What it is and how to get rid of it

Many Windows PCs are sold laden with unnecessary -- or even harmful -- software. We look at what you might find on your new system and how to get rid of it.

linkedin lookup

LinkedIn's new Lookup app connects you to your coworkers

LinkedIn's new iPhone app is like a directory for your company

windows 10 cleanup

How to clean out 20 GB or more from your Windows 10 installation

Windows 10 leaves behind lots of unnecessary files on your system after it's installed --- typically well over 20 GB. Here's how to safely clean them out with a few clicks.

Android 6.0 SDK

Android 6.0 SDK is now available

Find out how to get Google's latest SDK

windows 10 insiderbuilds

How to get into the fast lane for Threshold Wave 2 -- Windows 10's Service Pack 1

Windows 10 Threshold Wave 2 -- the equivalent of what were called Service Packs -- is expected to hit in October, but if you like living on the bleeding edge, you can get beta of it earlier. Here's how to get into the fast lane for it....

overflowing vladimer shioshvili

Ack! What's using up all my disk space?

Finding what's using up your disk space goes more smoothly if you're ready to run a series of helpful commands

android screen recording

How to record Android phone and tablet screens

Install and configure development tools and create Android screen recordings.

Snapchat logo

How Snapchat's new Travel Mode reduces data drain

Snapchat recently rolled out a new Travel Mode that aims to help you reduce unnecessary data use. Here's how it works, along with a few simple steps to enable the new feature.


Five ways to protect your airline Wi-Fi use against hackers

Want to keep yourself safe when flying against hackers and snooping when using a Wi-Fi connection in flight? I've got five tips to make sure you stay safe.

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