Visual Studio connection strings

How to scan and generate QR codes on Windows Phone

How to scan and generate QR codes on Windows Phone

Apps, techniques, and tricks you can use to scan or create QR codes on Windows Phone.


IT Resume Makeover: Adding color and graphics

In the latest episode of "IT Resume Makeover", Donald Burns shows how adding a splash of color and graphics can make your resume stand out from the crowd.

things to do

8 things to do after installing openSUSE Leap 42.1

You've installed openSUSE on your PC. Here's what to do next.

problems chris potter

What can you do when you can't chmod chmod?

If you couldn't use the chmod command because it had somehow lost execute permission, what would you do to fix the problem? The many ways that you could go about restoring execute permissions to chmod might just give you some new...

3d touch

5 tips for using the iPhone 6s's 3D Touch

Got an iPhone 6s and want to get more out of its 3D Touch feature? I've got 5 great tips for you.

windows 10 drivers

How to reduce unnecessary drivers in Windows 10

Like its predecessors, once you've run Windows 10 for a while, it can suffer from driver bloat. But using DriverStore Explorer and some simple techniques, you whittle down the number of obsolete or unused drivers that might be slowing...

windows10 start

Hidden Windows 10 feature: Change the Start Menu size

If the Start Menu in Windows 10 is taking up too much space or feels to cramped, there's a simple fix


Want to protect your privacy in Windows 10? Get this free tool.

Much has been made about potential privacy invasions in Windows 10. If it's something you're worried about, here's a free tool for managing the operating system's privacy features.


5 top free Windows 10 apps for system speedups and more

Got a Windows 10 machine? Then you want these five great free Windows apps that will make it run faster, clean up your PC, play any media file, and more. Note that they'll work on other versions of Windows as well.

camera evil erin

What do your photos know about you?

Takes a look at the kind of information that might be stored in digital photos (possibly including your location) and shows how to use the exiftool to edit or remove it.

wi fi assist

How to turn off iOS 9's data-hogging Wi-Fi Assist

iOS 9's Wi-Fi Assist feature uses so much cellular data that Apple faces a multi-million dollar class-action lawsuit over it. Fear not: I've got the details about how to turn it off -- and other advice on holding down your data use.


Here are the 10 most vulnerable programs on your PC

Wonder which PC software is most exposed to dangers? Secunia PSI just released the list of the most exposed ten. I've got the list and info about how to keep yourself safe.

Two IT certifications that can easily pay for themselves

A certification is an investment but could be worth it

microsoft word 2016 mac icon

15 powerful Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts you need to know

Everyone knows how to use Microsoft Word. These keyboard shortcuts will put you on the path to Word mastery.


7 things to do after installing Ubuntu

The must-dos for getting the most out of any Ubuntu system...

chrome mute tab

Kill noisy tabs in Chrome with a quick right-click

Finally, audio muting is built into Chrome

rocks blocking a road

Warning: Wordpress + Cloudflare + Wordfence = Trouble

Some of the most popular services combined can make you disappear from google if you aren't careful

hoop tony fischer

Options for looping in bash

A different way to loop line-by-line in a bash script

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