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excel slicers2

11 Excel tips for power users

Tables can be very important tools for data display. We offer 11 tips and tricks to help Excel users make tables more effective, reshape data, easily look up data and more.

data breach hacker

How to keep your small business safe from data breaches and hacks

Ecommerce and security experts provide 10 tips for preventing breaches and hacks and keeping customer data safe.

mail app fun

7 hard to find controls in Apple's Mail

What are the secrets of the apps you use daily?


How to create your own Google Analytics dashboards

The Google Analytics suite can be overwhelming to new or inexperienced users. This jump-start video guide to GA details how to use one of its most important features: dashboards.

Big data messaging with Kafka, Part 1

Big data messaging with Kafka, Part 1

Built for realtime, Kafka scales horizontally and offers much higher throughput than some traditional messaging systems. Get started with installation, then build your first Kafka messaging system.

10 steps to ensure success when implementing chat for customer support

Customers expect to be able to use chat when they reach out for help. Here’s how to get it right

call center

How contact centers can benefit from SD-WANs

Software defined WANs can improve reliability and the customer experience while lowering costs

cloud savings

How to get cloud cost reporting under control

You have to standardize on a set of descriptive tags to identify the assignment of resources to cost centers

How to use intelligent automation to drive better cloud resource management

New tools allow enterprises to manage and coordinate virtually every aspect of IT, especially cloud resouces

shell settings

Making your command line more helpful and fun!

You can do a lot more with your command line font colors than turn them on and off. How about picking your own colors? How about customizing your prompt so that it balks when you make a mistake?

Shine a spotlight on shadow IT and prosper

4 ways to apply SLAs to shadow IT

IT can harness the power of shadow IT services and solutions and mitigate associated risks by wrapping formal SLAs around them.

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15 ways to improve your email marketing campaigns

Email marketing pros share their top tips on how to craft emails that will get opened and acted upon.

MacBook Pro Retina PCIe SSD

How to upgrade your MacBook Pro Retina to a 1TB PCIe SSD (+video)

OWC earlier this month began offering the industry’s only PCIe SSD for upgrading MacBook Pro Retina laptops built since late 2012. The new drive gives you up to eight times what the factory SSD offered in capacity.


True Tone on iPad Pro vs. Night Shift in iOS 9.3

Night Shift isn't sensor based and auto-adjusting like True Tone. But it works almost the same, and you don't have to buy a brand-new iPad Pro to get it.

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6 cloud services for growing your small business

Small business technology and ecommerce experts discuss how investing in the right software and/or cloud-based services can help small online and bricks-and-mortar companies successfully scale.

cloud computing storage clouds

How to use cloud storage as primary storage

It takes a combination of caching, global deduplication, security, and global file locking

analytics network monitoring

How to improve network monitoring

Three ways to respond to demands for a fast, iterative, rapid-feedback monitoring solution

cloud computing start

5 steps to launching Software Defined Networking

Follow these steps to reap the benefits of SDN without disrupting your IT environment

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