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Open source Java projects: Apache Phoenix

If you have strong SQL programming skills and would like to be able to use them with a powerful NoSQL database, Phoenix could be the database you've been looking for!

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How to make the transition to a software defined WAN

SD-WAN solutions must provide operational capabilities such as network-aware orchestration

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Windows 10 quick tips: 5 ways to speed up your PC

Want Windows 10 to run faster? Take a few minutes to try out these tips, and your machine will be zippier and less prone to performance and system issues.

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CSO Explainer: What is social engineering?

Need a fun way to explain how data thieves might be getting into your building? Share this video!

How to get DevOps right

The Dos and Don’ts of enterprise DevOps

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10 essential OS X command-line tips for power users

Believe it or not, the Mac GUI can't do everything -- or at least not as quickly or powerfully as these command-line utilities


How to enter Windows 10 Safe Mode

Safe mode is like your bomb shelter when Windows 10 explodes, but it takes a few extra steps to get into it. We'll show you how it's done.


How to make a Windows 10 recovery drive

The time to make a Windows 10 recovery drive is before your PC dies. Grab a USB drive—you might need a big one!—and we'll show you how it's done.


How to customize the Windows 10 Start menu

The Start menu in Windows 10 is better than ever. Computerworld's Preston Gralla shows how to make it your own.


Fixing Windows 10's privacy problems

Windows 10 can be intrusive. If it isn't having Cortana follow you around online, it's logging your keystrokes or sending you personalized ads. We show you four ways to keep Windows out of your business.


Best way to check for malware columnist Roger A. Grimes presents a screencast on the quickest and best way to check your system for malware.

How to open specific browsers using hyperlinks

How to open specific web browsers using hyperlinks

Use special web links to open specific browsers on iOS and Windows...


How to buy a productivity tablet

Whether you're opting for an iPad or a Surface, here are five things to consider before you buy a tablet.

Visual Studio connection strings

How to create SQL Server connection strings in Visual Studio

Create connection strings to SQL Server databases using Visual Studio tools.

How to scan and generate QR codes on Windows Phone

How to scan and generate QR codes on Windows Phone

Apps, techniques, and tricks you can use to scan or create QR codes on Windows Phone.


IT Resume Makeover: Adding color and graphics

In the latest episode of "IT Resume Makeover", Donald Burns shows how adding a splash of color and graphics can make your resume stand out from the crowd.

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5 tips for using the iPhone 6s's 3D Touch

Got an iPhone 6s and want to get more out of its 3D Touch feature? I've got 5 great tips for you.

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How to reduce unnecessary drivers in Windows 10

Like its predecessors, once you've run Windows 10 for a while, it can suffer from driver bloat. But using DriverStore Explorer and some simple techniques, you whittle down the number of obsolete or unused drivers that might be slowing...

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