Intel could strengthen its server product stack with Altera

Intel is in talks to acquire Altera, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal

Kleiner Perkins cleared of sex discrimination against Ellen Pao

The jury found against her on almost all counts, though one remains

Facebook reveals the logic behind its forced Messenger split

It made Messenger a separate app and then turned it into a platform all its own

French self-driving car goes for a spin around Paris monument

Valeo and Safran expect self-driving cars on the roads by 2020, but on the way they must navigate stop lights, pedestrians ... and cannons

Google to bring imaging, sensor technology to the operating room

Google is providing sensor and software technology, not its robotics work

slack help

Slack got hacked. Turn on two-factor authentication

Following a security breach, team communications app Slack has enabled two-factor authentication

USB Type-C peripherals are on the way, and storage devices are first up

After Apple's introduction of USB Type C in the new MacBook, companies have announced peripherals and cables for the connector

Slack hacked, compromising users' profile data

The company has added two-factor authentication


Big Chrome OS change coming: A launcher overhaul adds Google Now

The Chrome app launcher overhaul puts a greater emphasis on search and contextual information. It's in beta now if you want to try it.

Congress moves quickly on cyberthreat information sharing

A House committee approves a second bill, despite concerns about consumer privacy

nine number

The 9 best distros for KDE’s Plasma desktop

Plasma is one of the most advanced desktop environments and these distros offer a great ‘out-of-the-box’ Plasma experience.

New mobile-malware detection technique uses gestures

The technology checks if attempts to use certain phone functions are accompanied by natural gestures users are expected to make

Intel finally has a challenger in the server market: IBM

With AMD's fade out from the server market and the rapid decline of RISC systems, Intel has stood atop the server market all by itself. Its server share is well over 90% and growing as the top of the Xeon family gain mission...

Apple Watch mini-stores to open in London, Paris, Tokyo luxury retail shops

Each store opens on April 10, the same day the smartwatch becomes available for try-ons and preorders

amazon cloud

Is Amazon's $60 deal for unlimited cloud storage really worth it?

Amazon is out with what sounds like a must-have offer: unlimited cloud storage for $60 per year. It might sound like a winner, but is it really a good deal? I've got the answer and cloud-storage advice.

fujitsu beacon1

Fujitsu develops thin, solar-powered IoT beacon

The beacon can be rolled up and attached to curved surfaces

google keep labels and reminders

Google Keep vs. Evernote vs. other notetaking tools?

What's the best app if you want the simplest way to jot down random notes? Other than pen and paper?

A hard disk drive without its cover

No, it’s not always quicker to do things in memory

New research finds that, contrary to popular belief, in-memory computing isn’t automatically the fastest way to do things.

surface pro 3

The future of Microsoft Surface: What to expect from Surface 3 and Surface Pro 4

Cool new features on the horizon include power-sipping chips and the Hello authentication technology.

big data talent search

4 ways to beat the big data talent shortage

Big Data will continue to be hamstrung by a lack of talent for the coming years. IDC predicts that in the U.S. there will be 181,000 deep analytics roles in 2018 and five times that many positions requiring related skills in data...

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