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MU-MIMO compared to SU-MIMO
android device manager

windows 10 samsung 100566482 large

How to upgrade to Windows 10: What you need to know

Now that we know when and how Microsoft plans to upgrade consumers to Windows 10, in detail, we can pass that advice along to you. Here's our guide to making the big move.

surgical robot

Surgical robots – smart but insecure

The almost magical promise of surgical robots is that they can allow the best doctors in the world to perform surgery remotely, from thousands of miles away. The risk, so far, is that one of the newest robots is vulnerable to "a slew...

data privacy

Who should get the blame in IRS breach?

The IRS may need to re-think the security process it uses to check taxpayer identities for its Get Transcripts app.

google myaccount settings

How to use Google's new privacy and security tools

Google this week updated its user account settings page and released two new tools designed to help you secure your Google identity and manage the personal information you share online. Here's how to use them.

Holding piggy bank

Are you ready for developers to be your new IT buyers?

More and more, developers are choosing and implementing tools and services they’re familiar with and that they believe will solve problems. That’s a major change in technology buying that can result in big advantages for your business....

9 ways to make the most of your Android device

9 ways to make the most of your Android device

Your Android device is a mighty computer -- so isn't it time you start tapping into its PC-like powers?

fast speed

VMware 6.0: Faster, smarter, more resilient

Latest version of VMware adds high availability, scalability, speed.

project software thinkstock

Why enterprises embrace open source

Advice for anyone considering open source enterprise solutions.

customer interaction

5 ways to find and keep customer-focused IT pros

The days of inward-facing tech teams are over. To thrive today, IT must evolve into a customer-focused part of the business – and it all starts with having the right people. Here are five tips to find and keep customer-centric IT...

cloud development ts

Cloud computing more about agile development than cost

Experts tout the importance of bringing together business, financial and tech teams when considering a move to the cloud.

outsourcing blue glow

Should you outsource your project management?

Evaluating whether or not to outsource your company’s project management functions can be challenging. Before making this potentially risky leap, you have to assess if this is a good move for your business, keeping in mind that what...

5 areas of IT that will end soon

Get ready for the next wave of disruption.

Collaboration tools: social media messages, sharing, connection, communication

As collaboration tools multiply, here’s how to avoid overload

New collaboration tools invite more internal innovation and knowledge sharing, and better connections with customers. But will too many choices make us less productive? Here's how organization can prevent their employees from...

rfid chip

Internet of Things breathes new life into RFID technology

After failing to live up to the initial hype, RFID hopes to become the chip of choice for IoT deployments.

Google I/O 15

Google Android developer advocate: everyone's doing networking wrong

Google developer advocate Colt McAnlis said that Android apps, almost across the board, are not architected correctly for the best networking performance, during a talk he gave Friday at Google’s I/O developer conference in San...

CW illustration: SaaS Puts Squeeze on In-house Developers, by James Yang [single-use only]

SaaS migrations put the squeeze on in-house software developers

The number of software developers in the workforce is up from last year, but jobs in enterprise IT may become harder to find as more companies turn to cloud-based services.

gold macbook screensaver

Battery life tests: Go all day with Apple's Mac laptops

Testing the new MacBook, 13-inch MacBook Air, and 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro. How much battery life can you get?

funded with kickstarter

6 things almost every viral Kickstarter has in common

The best product categories, the best times to launch, the best investor incentives: Learn these and other lessons from the thousand most successful Kickstarter projects ever.

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