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Risk management: Anticipate, evaluate, prioritize

Security pros offer advice for a successful risk management strategy

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Resume Strategy career tips

IT resumes: Lies, half-truths and embellishments

HR pros and hiring managers encounter candidates of all kinds and any lie on a resume is a definitive red flag. However, all lies are not created equal.

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Top unified communications vendors eye virtual reality in the conference room

Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya hone their virtual reality strategies.

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4 reasons why virtual reality isn’t real yet

Here are four reasons why virtual reality will take a while to gain a foothold in the enterprise.

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16 tips for thriving as an IT contractor

Companies continue to supplement their full-time technical ranks with temporary contractors. Here’s how to make it work.

transparent curtain

New tech transforms transparency into privacy

Preserving privacy by keeping information secret isn't working. MIT researchers have another solution.

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How-to: Get started with MariaDB

An easy step-by-step guide to setting up a MariaDB database server and phpMyAdmin on Fedora, CentOS, or Ubuntu.

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Can the iPhone 6 really defeat the NSA?

There are loopholes in Apple’s claim, and law enforcement’s outrage seems disingenuous.

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Women in IT: No longer a nice-to-have

As pressure to diversify ratchets up, companies are reaching out to lure women into IT. Here’s how to go about it.

Data center security in the cloud.

5 techniques for securing your enterprise data

The pros and cons of new techniques and tools, such as cloud access security brokers, adaptive access control and pervasive sandboxing.

Big data analytics gets smarter with location-based services

Mapping intelligence isn't just for retailers anymore. Advanced analytics uses location data to reveal new insights about customers.

12 tips to tune your Wi-Fi network

Wi-Fi networks can be very tricky to properly design and configure, especially in the small, crowded 2.4 GHz frequency band. In addition to interference from neighboring wireless networks, capacity issues arise when there are a high...

A closer look at CIO salaries, bonuses and perks

Median pay among 26 IT leaders is $2.2 million, according to our analysis of CIO compensation.

IT reorganization: 4 CIOs share expert advice

IT reorgs are never easy, but frequently necessary. Here's how to get the job done with minimal disruption.

Using social media in your IT job search: The dos and don'ts

Lots of IT professionals participate on discussion forums that pertain to specific slices of the technology field, from Hadoop to Android development. What they might not realize is that while there, they are also elevating their...

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IT Resume Makeover: How (and when) to break the rules

The ironclad rule of resume writing is to highlight your career in reverse chronological order -- all the time, every time, right? Wrong.

Caught in the breach: How a good CSO confronts inevitable bad news

What goes through the mind of a CSO/CISO upon being told by his or her team that their organization has been breached?

Taking control of data debris

How much of the data your organization is storing is actually debris that should be swept up and disposed of?

ATK CIO says metrics-driven IT paves the way for innovation

As CIO for ATK, Jeff Kubacki has instituted a rigorous benchmarking approach aimed at delivering world-class IT at continually improving cost. Kubacki has built a strong rapport with his CEO and other business leaders because he runs...

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