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android security danger
Train derailment

resume makeover technology executive

IT Resume Makeover: Just the facts (and only the pertinent ones)

Our expert Stephen Van Vreede helps remove the cloak of invisibility surrounding one candidate's resume and allows his true value to emerge.

healthcare security hp

How the cloud helps fight cancer

When it comes to the complex and costly fight against cancer, the cloud offers doctors and researchers a new way to find novel treatments and clues that could one day yield cures.

wikimedia foundation servers

First look: Windows Server 2016 goes on a cloud diet

Under the familiar skin, Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 2 offers something very different.

Android tips for contacts and communication

8 Android security tips for IT, corporate users

Security experts shares actionable tips for IT departments and users to help reduce the risk associated with the popular mobile OS.

android launchers

The best custom launchers for your Android phone

You don't have to accept what your phone maker gives you, as there are some great tools out there to make your home screen look and work the way you want.

access points fast wifi 1

4 new access points deliver super-fast Wi-Fi

Linksys, Xclaim, Amped and ZyXel bring 802.11ac to SMB, enterprise markets.

Jose Morales, VP of corporate development Atlasssian

How to drive growth in tech start-ups: 3 Steps

Jose Morales, VP of corporate development at enterprise software company Atlasssian, shares how the company positioned itself for growth.

Michelle Zatlyn, cofounder and head of user experience at Cloud

2 problems every tech startup must solve

In this video from DEMO Traction in San Francisco on April 22, 2015, Michelle Zatlyn, cofounder and head of user experience at web performance and security company CloudFlare, details the issues entrepreneurs should -- and shouldn’t...


Marketing tech pros,‘Frankenstack’ tools and the future

Today’s marketers are asked to take control of the digital customer experience, from brand awareness to sales conversion to customer loyalty. To make this work, marketers need an integrated set of tools. Instead, what has emerged are...

security tools 1

Top tools in the fight against cybercrime

There’s no silver bullet, so load up with as many of these security tools as you can.

hiring technology professionals

4 types of geeks you need and how to recruit them

When you're hiring tech talent, you need to know how to appeal to hard-core IT technologists at every stage of their career. Here, experts from consultancy and IT advisory firm Wisegate share advice on how to attract four types of...

android multitasking

Master multitasking on Android with these clever apps and tools

Work the way you want by creating custom gestures, floating boxes, or saving links in the background for later.

editor red ink revise revision calligraphy writing pen correction

Review: 10 JavaScript editors compared

Sublime Text, TextMate, and Brackets lead a rich field in capabilities and speed.

closeup of man in suit doing curl

5 lessons small IT shops can teach the big guys

Thanks to anything-as-a-service options, tiny IT departments can be just as strong as big ones and more nimble, too. Here are five must-know practices the big guys can learn from these small but mighty shops.

CoxHealth finds relief in a network overhaul that pushes Layer 3 to the edge

Sprawling health care system has an unusual mix of Brocade for wireline, Cisco for wireless.

Aflac CMO Michael Zuna

How agile development put Aflac's claims processing in the fast lane

Aflac, an insurer with $120 billion in assets, can now receive, process and pay most individual claims in just one business day, thanks to streamlined IT systems.

intro hp

Resume mistakes that could cost you the job

It's hard enough getting a hiring manager or recruiter to read your resume in the first place -- but making one of these six mistakes guarantees it'll never get past an initial glance.

not agile thinkstock

4 warning signs that your team is not agile

Agile projects get the most out of people, with huge payoffs in productivity and effectiveness. But you have to choose those people carefully to avoid blow-ups.

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