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030415blog hillary clinton checks her email

Clinton's shadow IT would not have passed private sector muster

There are many questions regarding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's use of her private email to conduct official business. A leading one is whether the department's IT managers did anything to question or stop it.

google cocktail search1

3 things you didn't know you could do using Google

Whether you're looking for a recipe for the perfect martini or the best deal on auto insurance, Google has you covered thanks to a handful of new search features.

Mobile marketing apps

6 must-have mobile apps for digital marketers

If you do any sort of SEO, set social media strategy or work on other digital marketing initiatives, you'll want to add these six iOS and Android apps to your arsenal.

business team joining hands teamwork solidarity partnership 000003660617

JavaScript unites Microsoft and Google

The rival vendors are partnering to build AngularJS 2.0 on Microsoft's TypeScript language.

shodan search engine 2

IoT's dark side: Hundreds of unsecured devices open to attack

A self-described security "amateur" discovered hundreds of Internet-connected devices ranging from cameras to industrial control systems that were connected to the Internet without even basic password protection -- meaning they could...

1 mwc smartphones

The smartphone stars of MWC 2015

From a shiny new Samsung Galaxy to a smartphone that scans your eyes, this year's Mobile World Congress delivered quite a diverse lineup.

Windows systems are also vulnerable to FREAK attacks

A recently disclosed vulnerability in SSL/TLS implementations also affects Microsoft's Schannel crypto library and Internet Explorer

Uber suspends ride-sharing platform in Seoul

Uber has decided to comply with Korean law, rather than fight it

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Friday, March 6

Bill to rein in data brokers restarts... Government funds China companies in global push...TurboTax users victimized... and more tech news

Guy hungover on New Year's Day, asking Siri for a hangover cure.

ITworld cartoons 2015: The year in geek humor (so far)

Each week, ITworld's Phil Johnson pokes fun at the tech world's top news and newsmakers

Steam Controller

Steam Machines hit the Steam Store

None of them ship until November 2015 but at least you can browse specs if you've bought into the SteamOS dream.

SAP to cut 2,200 jobs, plans to recreate them in other parts of the company

There will be no impact on customers, SAP said

Cartoon of a man getting yelled at for putting his feet up on the phone charger (a coffee table)

IKEA’s phone charging furniture will revolutionize home arguments [CARTOON]

Expect the Swedish furniture maker’s newest offerings to have a big impact on your home life, in more ways than one.

Fujitsu tech can track heavily blurred people in security videos

The system can pick out clothing colors in pixelated images across multiple cameras

A programmer with headphones on at his desk working

Music to get you into the coding groove

Music to Code By is a new album created by a developer specifically for use as background music when writing software.

Spark Electron

Spark Electron brings cheap cellular connectivity to the Internet of Things

This low-cost, cellular-connected development board is making a run on Kickstarter; should appeal to DIYers and small developers alike.

Tesla coil

How wireless power and wireless charging works

How will your phone, your lights, and even your electric car someday be powered without a wire? Here’s a primer on how wireless power works.

A Six Million Dollar Man action figure.

Study finds that refactoring doesn’t improve code quality

New research finds that, contrary to popular belief, restructuring software code to be more maintainable and efficient may not be worth the time and effort

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