Instagram engineer delves into emoji madness

Company engineers did painstaking work to allow users to search by emoji

Intel increases its hiring among women, minorities

Intel's also investing $5 million in an education program in Oakland, California

AMD's Zen chips to square off against Intel's Skylake next year

AMD shares details of high-performance FX and mobile A-series chips due in 2016

With IoT projects come financial benefits, but also security risks

Companies need to remember to secure data in the cloud and devices that are outside of an office, panelists said

AMD slims PC chip lineup, hopes to return to profitability by year end

AMD is streamlining its product roadmap and business focus with the hope to return to profitability by year-end

ny times apple watch

Everything you can do with Force Touch on Apple Watch

Apple's new gesture for Apple Watch gives apps more options with less screen real estate.


Google's Project Fi forces you to use or lose your Google Voice number

The first invites are rolling out for those who signed up, and they indicate you have to go all-in with Google Voice.


The first self-driving 18-wheeler hits the highways

The Freightliner Inspiration Truck from Daimler Trucks is the first licensed autonomous commercial semi to operate on an open public U.S. highway.

Microsoft prepares Windows Server 2016 for the container age

The next technical preview of Windows Server 2016 will come with full support for Linux and Windows containers.

Power vampire

Your house is filled with vampires that suck $165 from your wallet annually

Blame all those devices operating on standby mode even while they’re supposedly “off.” We’ll show you how to put a stake in their hearts.

4 growth lessons for new tech startups

In this video from DEMO Traction in San Francisco on April 22, 2015, Todd McKinnon, CEO & Co-founder of identity management startup Okta, shares hard won advice on how enterprise technology startups can set themselves up for...

Civil liberties groups oppose bill ending NSA's bulk phone records program

The USA Freedom Act's changes to the phone records program are 'modest' at best, opponents say

ZTE's bezel-less phone tosses away black border for more touchscreen function

The Nubia Z9 has an edge-to-edge screen and will arrive in China later this month

SAP sets its sights on the IoT with new cloud services

Siemens will use the Hana-based technology to build its own IoT platform


Website monitoring with a Raspberry Pi for nighttime alerts

Knowing that your servers are running and websites are working is always in the back of a system administrators mind. Here's a way to alert you when you're sleeping.

Citrix's iPad mouse arrives next week

The X1 mouse lets iPad users control Windows applications housed in the data center

microsoft office logo feb 2015

Hands on: Office 2016 preview focuses on data-gathering and collaboration in the cloud

Office 2016 could still learn a few things from Google Docs, but its business-intelligence features show a lot of promise.

asus multimimo router

5 top ways to speed up your Wi-Fi network

Want to speed up your Wi-Fi network? I've got five quick ways to do it.

What prevents Linux from beating Windows and OS X?

In today's open source roundup: Which problems stop Linux from dominating the desktop? Plus: Linux gamers and Nvidia graphics cards. And new Firefox features might not work on unencrypted sites.

Roundcube webmail

Open source Kolab ready to take on Office 365, Google Apps

What's next for Kolab, the privacy-minded open source unified communication and collaboration system that you can install on your own server.

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