SXSW: Spotify Keeps U.S. in Suspense

The buzz-worthy European music service will launch on these shores, but not today, and only after making peace with US labels

By Mark Sullivan, PC World |  Internet, Spotify, SXSW

"I am willing to pay for music because I want to own it, but I don't want to own some dumb CD package," Ek says. "I might buy a box set, if it has a T-shirt and extensive notes in the box." Other buyers might buy digital albums, so long as they include extras like live and bonus tracks.

Spotify has also been busy moving to mobile platforms. In Europe you can buy Spotify as part of your wireless service plane when you buy a smartphone. For instance, Telia in Sweden actually subsidizes the service so that new subscribers can get three to six months of music for free. Ek demonstrated the Spotify mobile app running on a Sony-Ericsson X10 Mini Android phone, which will release in the US in the next few months.

Ek says eschewing DRM and embracing mobile platforms would be a smart move for the record industry. "I think if you could get all the music you wanted on your favorite device, the music business would be radically bigger than it is today," he says.

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