Tech-Savvy Supporters Key to Broadband Plan's Passage

The digitally literate must help his broadband plan become tomorrow's reality.

By David Coursey, PC World |  Internet, broadband, FCC

The Internet has become our town square, workplace, concert hall, stadium, shopping mall, library, and center of daily life. I am not sure all that is entirely positive, but there is no turning back. The Internet, in a short span of decades, has become how we live our lives.

At least, those of us lucky enough to have a good broadband experience. I wrote the other day that clocked my AT&T DSL download speed at a tad more than 5mbps. My iPhone, connected to the same network, averaged about 3mbps.

That seems pretty fast, but the FCC plan aims at raising that speed to 100mbps, as Google works on its own plan to test 1gbps broadband connections in some lucky communities to be announced later this year.

The National Broadband Plan is a high water mark for the FCC, which is trying to set policy across a broad spectrum of telecommunications issues in both the private and public sectors. Genachowski has charted an ambitious course, but without public support, he will make little progress.

Please take a moment to at least read the part of the plan that interest you. It is available at, where you can also check the speed of your broadband connection.

The plan isn't perfect and is likely to be watered down and twisted by the political process. Still, the major points are right. It will be up to us to make today's plan tomorrow's reality.

David Coursey has been writing about technology products and companies for more than 25 years. He tweets as @techinciter and may be contacted via his Web site.

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