New Chrome browser fastest Google beta yet

But new release can't keep up with Opera in JavaScript benchmarks

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Other additions include support for several HTML5 features, such as geo-location and drag-and-drop; synchronization of browser settings to effectively "clone" Chrome on multiple machines; and the ability to use extensions when working in Chrome's "Incognito" private browsing mode.

This beta also introduces the integration of Adobe's Flash Player to Chrome's beta channel.

Google debuted built-in Flash in developer builds at the end of March, when it announced a partnership with Adobe, and said it was packaging Flash with Chrome downloads and would silently update the often-patched media player using the browser's background mechanism.

The move, Adobe said at the time, would keep Chrome users safer since they wouldn't have to remember to update or deal with update notifications.

Chrome 5.0.375.29 beta can be downloaded from Google's Web site for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux .

The new Chrome beta is 17% faster than Google's current "stable" edition. (SunSpider results: Small values are better.)

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