Facebook is failing on privacy and security

Privacy controls that don't work, rampant phishing attacks, and the ability to hack live chats -- can't Facebook do anything right?


I still have a dozen other group invitations from various friends. I don't trust any of them now. I don't even want to click "ignore" on the odd chance it will somehow corrupt my account and spam all 700-odd people in my FB posse. So this spam attack has effectively killed that feature for me. And if spammers can manipulate Facebook's group recommendations that easily, imagine what they could do to Facebook's plan to butter "Like" buttons all over the Web.

Item #3: Finally, there's today's news that a security hole within Facebook could allow you to view your friends' live chats as they occur. Facebook has since patched the hole, but it wasn't even aware of its existence until somebody at TechCrunch pointed it out to them. Lord knows how long this bug has been squirreled away in Facebook's code -- possibly since the very beginning.

The box score: When TechCrunch is your QA department, you've got problems so big I can't begin to describe them.

I like Facebook. But the more I use it, the less I trust it.

Dan Tynan really doesn't spend all his time complaining about Facebook, even if it sometimes seems that way. He also carves out a little time for his burgeoning geek humor empire, eSarcasm.

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