Google Wave Flops: What Google Service Will Go Next?

Here are four Google projects that I think will be the next to crash and burn.

By Liane Cassavoy, PC World |  Internet, google wave

Let's pause for a moment of silence to remember Google Wave, a service that has gone off to greener pastures. Google confirmed the news late yesterday, saying the service hadn't seen the type of user adoption it had been hoping for.

The news is not all bad for Google, though; just this morning, iSuppli released new Android sales stats, and the numbers look pretty good. In fact, they look great. iSuppli's researchers say that Android's market share will surpass that of Apple's iOS by 2012, at which point Google's mobile OS will be used in 75 million smartphones.

Google is known for its ambitious experiments. While some are notable successes -- in addition to Android, there's Gmail, Google Docs, Google Voice, and more -- others are less so. Here are four Google services, both rumored and real, that I think will soon go the way of Google Wave.

Google Buzz

Picking on Google Buzz is almost too easy; this Twitter-wannabe has been plagued with problems since its launch earlier this year. First, Google Buzz was criticized for disclosing your Gmail contacts to other Buzz users. Then, it was criticized for automatically linking to other activities in Google services -- like Reader and Picasa -- also used by Buzz users. Google was even hit with a lawsuit over Buzz.

But you know what's worse than all of that? The fact that no one seems to care. No one is buzzing over Buzz these days. I took a peek at my Buzz account this morning, and the most recent post I see is from May...and that post is one that asks if anyone is still using Buzz. I guess we know the answer.

Google Fast Flip

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