Web Services and Games: Best of 2010

Phone service in Gmail and productivity enhancer Evernote are among the picks for best Web services

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Mobile app and service; $10 a month after trial MOG differs from the likes of Pandora in that it lets you stream the songs you want to hear, not those that it selects. For instance, you can make "artist stations" that play only songs by the person or band in question. (#38)

MOG coverage (Android) | MOG coverage (iPhone) | mog.com

Google Gmail

Web service; free We like the cool, new features such as the Priority Inbox, which intuitively sorts your incoming e-mail by importance based on what Gmail has learned about your e-mail reading and sorting habits. Also new is voice calling, which joins the e-mail, instant messaging, and videoconferencing functions already built in. (#41)

Google Gmail coverage | gmail.com


Online service; free, more than ten users starts at $25 per month DimDim is an easy-to-use online meeting tool that requires no installation. It enables polls, document sharing and storage, and four-way video chat. You can embed videos and Picasa photo albums, as well. (#60)

DimDim coverage | dimdim.com

Second Rotation Gazelle

Web service; commission on sale At this site you'll find price quotes for old gear, plus recycling options for tech items no longer worth money. It also offers bulk trade-ins, and can help you run a gadget collection drive to support a cause. (#63)

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