Web Services and Games: Best of 2010

Phone service in Gmail and productivity enhancer Evernote are among the picks for best Web services

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Social networking site; free Despite taking a tumultuous ride through a wilderness of privacy woes early in the year, Facebook continues to assert itself as an essential part of online life. The addition of the Places geolocation service and revamped privacy controls keep Facebook on our list of the best for the second year in a row. (#64)

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Fuze Box Fuze Meeting

Web service; $29 to $69 per month If you want to make a presentation or share your screen with far-flung colleagues, Fuze Meeting is a smooth way to do it. The service doesn't require the people watching your presentation to grab any heavy downloads, and in our experience there's little lag time. (#70)

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Web service; free, premium service $5 per month We've long touted Evernote's amazingly useful cloud-based note-taking capabilities. This year's innovation is the service's open ecosystem of plug-ins. (#71)

Evernote coverage | Download | evernote.com


Website; free This shopping search engine goes deeper than Google and Bing, letting you filter products by brand, proximity, color, and payment method. It also lists coupons and reviews. The site's merchant program helps small businesses showcase their wares, so users can shop from sellers of all sizes. (#94)

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