5 great free business apps for Google Chrome

The Google Chrome Web Store is less than a month old, but it’s already looking very healthy.

By Keir Thomas, PC World |  Internet, CR-48, free software

The best way to describe Springpad is as a supercharged notebook and To Do list maker. Because it's a cloud application, your data can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and the app is built around HTML5 so will work on the majority of modern browsers, phones and smartpads too (although iOS and Android apps are available too).

Notes can contain text, or you can also build a note around a web search. For example, enter the name of a favorite recipe and you can look through the list of results and create a note from one that looks interesting. You can then add your own details below. Springpad is clever enough to realize what you're doing, so will add an "I want to cook this" field at the top, which you can change to "I've cooked this" once you've made the recipe! It'll also recognize things like movies, books, products, and more.

To Do lists are simple but effective, and you can set alerts to appear on due dates. All notes can be tagged for easy searching, and shared online with others.

Springpad is free of charge, although a small advertisement appears at the bottom left of the browser window.

3. Simplebooklet

Despite its title, Simplebooklet is actually an online presentations tool. It fills a blindingly obvious gap in the market: creating presentations that can be viewed within a browser, and accessed via a simple URL that you share with others. Forget about paper or projectors. Why not use the browser as the medium?

Simplebooklet is extremely easy to use, with bright colorful icons, drag and drop, and not a hint of technical language anywhere. Like any presentations tool it's based around individual pages/slides, to which you can add images, text, files, video, music, webpages (as screenshots), and even your own HTML code. Once the presentation is finished, it can be published via the major social networking tools (Twitter, Facebook etc.) and you can even embed it within your own website via an iFrame, for which the code is automatically generated.

Simplebooklet is free for up to 20MB of content, and allowing the creation of unlimited booklets, with various yearly plans starting at $10 for more storage space.

4. World Time Planner

Working across different timezones can be a pain, and if you frequently travel to other countries scheduling meetings can become a mind-melting exercise. World Time Planner is a simple app that lets you click and drag a slider to see what the time will be in various cities over the next 24 hours. Daytime and nighttime symbols appear alongside each city to indicate at a glance when the working day starts and finishes. Never before has it been so easy to schedule a breakfast meeting in Singapore while you're sitting in your Boston office.

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