Cerf: Future of Internet doesn’t include an IPv7

By Julie Bort, Network World |  Networking, IPv6, Vint Cerf

If I knew that, I would be investing in it. But I think it's pretty clear that social networking is a big part of that. The platforms that are available that allow people to create their own content and share it is probably the most important avenue. The next one will be this Internet of Things where we start managing collections of devices for our benefit. At some point third parties will figure out that they can come in and manage stuff for us. Our entertainment systems might be managed by a third party who doesn't have anything to do with the content, and simply provides organizing capacity, so we can make sure all of our entertainment material shows up on all the platforms where we want it.

You've publicly discussed your own home sensor network that alerts you when your wine cellar gets too hot or dry. You said it was built using technology from Arch Rock, acquired by Cisco in September. Is it Zigbee or Z-wave or something else?

It's actually 802.15.4, 6LoWPAN. It's a 6LoWPAN network running on IPv6.

The recent events in Egypt and the proposed U.S. government "Internet kill switch" ... I get the sense that giving government the ability to turn the Internet off this is not something you would approve of. Is there a technological solution to prevent this?

Remember, the Internet runs on a substrate, and if the substrate is controllable by the government, it's possible to turn off the Internet. If we ever get to the point where mesh networking and let's say, peer-wise, point-to-point interactions can be done without benefit of things like routers provided by Internet service providers ... if you can build pieces of the Internet that sort of self-assemble [then the Internet could not be turned off].

Governments will control what they can control if they want to, and so the only solution around that is to have a network that is self-organizing. And technology is available to do that.

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