A decade of Internet superstars: Where are they now?

Whatever happened to the Evolution of Dance guy or that kid who loved Britney Spears so much he cried for her under his sheet?

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Matt Harding: "Dancing Matt" 

Traveling and dancing made Matt Harding an Internet superstar. Harding turned his Where the Hell Is Matt? Web site into a worldwide phenomenon by doing little jigs in front of various landmarks worldwide.

These days, Matt is still traveling and making videos--though the dancing doesn't happen as often. "In the rare occasion that I do that, all of a sudden people are waving to me from windows and things like that," he says. Harding hasn't had a "real job" in three years, he confesses: The traveling videos take up all of his time and even pay his bills. He also just landed a book deal and is getting ready to put his journeys onto paper.

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