10 awesome Google tricks you missed

Think you’re a Google master? Think again, and check out these 10 tricks that make working with Google’s services even better

By Keir Thomas, PC World |  On-demand Software, gmail, Google

Getting the most out of Google products such as Gmail, Docs, and YouTube is a must if you're using them for business. However, the products are so packed with features that it can be hard to keep up.

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Here are 10 little-known features across various Google services that could change the way you work, or perhaps make life that little bit easier.

1. View All Kinds of Files Online

Google Docs Viewer is a neat little Website that lets everybody view files online, avoiding the need to download and open them manually. Despite its name, you don't have to be a Google Docs user to access it. All you need do is visit Google Docs Viewer and enter the address of the file you want to view. (Gmail users will find that attachments in messages are automatically linked to the Google Docs Viewer--just click the View link at the end of the message.)

Until recently it was only possible to view office documents, such as Microsoft Word or Excel files, but a few weeks ago the list expanded significantly to include Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files, TrueType fonts, AutoCad files, and even files created by Apple's iWork Pages.

2. Send Somebody a URL to View a File Online

Another feature of the Google Docs Viewer Website mentioned above is that you can create your own URLs that point to files online, and send them to others so they can instantly view the file by clicking the link.

Just make the first part of the URL read as follows:


And then add the URL of the file straight afterwards, including the http:// component. If I wanted somebody to be able to view the Microsoft Word file located at http://keirthomas.com/dump/testfile.docx, for example, I'd send them the following URL:


3. Add 'S' For Safety

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