Facebook nixes Mark Zuckerberg action figure

Pining for a mini-Zuckerberg for your desk? Too late. Facebook's attorneys stopped MIC Gadgets from selling its 'Poking Inventor' toy.


It appears that I won’t be getting my dream birthday gift after all.

Just last week, geeky gadget blog M.I.C. (ie, Made-in-China) Gadget introduced its lovingly crafted, impressively realistic Poking Inventor action figure.

Dressed in Zucky’s signature power suit (Levis, flip flops, chocolate brown hoodie), the action figure comes with Poke or Like signs, as well as blank word bubbles where you can fill in your own Zuckeresque phrases like “Sharing is the new social norm.”

Mark Zuckerberg action figure from MIC Gadgets

Image courtesy of MICgadget.com

The level of detail is impressive. From the pockmarked complexion to those “I’m staring into your soul and pulling out karmic status updates” eyes, M.I.C. Gadget totally nailed it. Zuckerberg’s own mother might not have been able to tell them apart (well, aside from a small difference in height).

All yours for a mere $70 plus shipping. I know I wanted one.

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Alas, it was not to be. M.I.C. has received a nastygram from Facebook’s Chinese lawyers (yes, it apparently has Chinese lawyers) saying that the blog does not own the rights to reproduce Zucky’s face or that little white f on blue background. The blog now says:

M.I.C. Gadget hereby apologizes to Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Inc, and their Beijing law firm for any inconvenience caused. M.I.C. Gadget hereby clarifies that all of its editors and writers have NO relationship with Mr. Mark Zuckerberg and FACEBOOK in business and/or in law. M.I.C. Gadget had only produced 300 Poking Inventor action figures, and there are no more stock on our hands. The figurine is discontinued, and will not appear on Earth anymore. Upon Facebook’s request, we will stop the marketing and sale of the figurine.

The blog also asks, not unreasonably, how Facebook manages to own a trademark on its logo in China while being blocked by the Great Firewall.

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