Google StreetView becomes Amazon View and perhaps Mappers-Inside-of-Piranha-View

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Google's StreetView team has accomplished unparalleled feats of cartography the past few years just driving around the streets of major cities, taking 360-degree still pics of streets, intersections, "dead" bodies, pursuing scuba demons, monsters and a host of other Google-hazing bystanders.

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They've also offended legions of homeowners who don't believe their houses should appear in publicly available pictures just because their houses appear persistently and stubbornly in actual public.

The StreetView team has gotten itself in hot water more than once, collecting locations, SSIDs and snippets of data from private WiFi networks, bits of cell-phone calls and other potentially privacy-violating information.

They also offended the entire state of Germany enough that Google and Germany agreed to take a break – dropping plans for an update-the-house-pic tour of Germany that would have improved the quality of both StreetView and Google Maps.

StreetView is setting out on another Quest – this time the kind with a capital Q, the potential to be featured in history books and possibly eaten by tiny fish with very sharp teeth.

Google StreetView -- purveyor of semi-focused shots of the convenience story around the corner with just the wrong perspective to let you read the sign on the business next door, which is what you wanted anyway –has headed south for a photo tour of the Amazon River.

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