SF security must be tightened, as Kardashian Virus attacks Slave Leia image

What will attention-leeches attack next? The Doctor? Will Enterprise meet USS Kardashian in orbit?


Thousands of other women who are not entertainers go full Slave-Girl every year for Halloween, SF conventions, comic conventions and nerdfests everywhere. (Here's an example that looks as if they're gathering for a rumble of some kind, and another I couldn't quite identify as having been either Borged or Zombified, but who turns out to be the Slave-Girl Leia Terminator.

Mixing memes can be clever, insightful or funny when they're done by normal people – when they're not overused, over-manipulated to try to recreate the impact of the original, or co-opted to get a reaction from us that has nothing to do with the original image.

When it's done by audience-stalking attention whores harder to avoid than a clingy ex-girlfriend on the same campus, not only can you check off each of those sins as Complete, you can be confident it was done in the cheapest, least creative way possible.

Where will she turn up next? Emerging from the Tardis for cameo? Standing very still as the only brunette Weeping Angel wearing a smile and push-up bra? Standing on the bridge of the Galactica with a big smile and spooky stare at the camera whale the fight against Cylons swirls around her?

Delivering pizza to the underground Cardiff headquarters of Torchwood? On the Enterprise? Eureka? Ringworld? The estate of Dr. Frank-N-Furter? Frightening the horse for Frau Blucher in the Castle of the Young Dr. Frankenstein?

Kardashians aren't a meme, people, they're a virus invading the iconic fiction of the tech world. They have to be stopped.

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