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Looking for practical, non-biased advice about how to deploy IPv6? The Internet Society is launching a new Web portal that will be a central resource for standards documents, best practices, case studies and other useful information for network engineers planning to adopt IPv6, the next-generation Internet Protocol.

Dubbed Deploy360, the new Web portal features real-world information for network operators, enterprise customers, content providers, developers and consumer electronics manufacturers about how to roll out IPv6.

[ Free download: Who's who in IPv6: the companies and people leading the way ]

"What we're aiming to do is deliver this how-to resource for the deployment of IPv6 and other new standards and technologies that prevents folks from having to do research and scour the Internet. They'll be able to trust that we have the most current and up-to-date deployment information," says Richard Jimmerson, who leads the Deploy360 project for ISOC.

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ISOC has three employees dedicated to curating content on the Deploy360 Web pages to ensure that it is comprehensive and includes the latest input from early adopters. The Web site also will feature an active social media component to engage the network engineering community around IPv6-related deployment issues.

IPv6 will be a significant upgrade for network operators because it is not backwards-compatible with the current version of the Internet Protocol, which is called IPv4. IPv6 solves the main problem of IPv4, which is running out of addresses, with an expanded addressing scheme that can support a virtually unlimited number of devices connected directly to the Internet.

The Internet engineering community anticipates rapid adoption of IPv6 over the next few years. A recent survey of U.S. IT professionals indicates that more than 70% of IT departments plan to upgrade their Web sites to support IPv6 by mid-2013.

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