Track your own personal Twitter trending topics

PostPost Timeline Topline filters out the topics that are trending for you personally among those you actually follow.

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Twitter monitors the millions and billions of 140-character bits of wisdom that travel the Twitterverse and lists out the top 10 hottest trends. Twitter lets you view the trending topics worldwide, by country, or narrowed down to a metropolitan area, but regardless of how you filter the Twitter trends, they're based on all of Twitter for the given region, and much of that may be irrelevant to you.

What about the topics that are popular just among your own Twittersphere? It is interesting to see what's hot on Twitter, and following the trending topics can sometimes be an excellent way of tracking breaking news. But, the sheer volume of tweets around the world may bubble topics to the top of the trends that you don't really care about.

Meanwhile, you might be missing discussions about your business or its products, or other topics that are much more relevant to you personally. PostPost hopes to fill that void with Timeline Topline--a service that acts as a sort of personal trending topics to identify what's hot within your own Twitter world.

Brad Noble, founder and product designer of PostPost, says "Most social media interfaces overemphasize the 'now'. As a result, a ton of great content--too often, the best stuff--gets forced below the fold, where it disappears forever."

PostPost gathers all of the tweets from those you follow, and uses a proprietary algorithm to determine the 150 accounts that are most likely to be relevant to you. PostPost identifies the accounts that are most "relevant" by determining the people you mention most often, combined with those who are mentioned most often across Twitter as a whole.

The resulting Timeline Topline page lists out the topics that are trending for you--the most discussed keywords and hashtags--along with links to the top Twitter accounts that are sharing tweets on those topics. In theory, the Timeline Topline results are much more likely to be valuable to your business or you personally than the trending topics on Twitter at large.

The PostPost Timeline Topline also has a sort of Flipboard like capability that surfaces photos, videos, and links shared by the people you're connected to on Twitter. It defaults to showing a mashup of everything, but you can click on Links, Photos, or Videos at the top of the display to narrow the focus to a specific kind of content.

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