Add slide shows to WordPress sites with SlideDeck

SlideDeck 2 for WordPress lets you create beautiful slide shows that pull in content from all over the web.

By Erez Zukerman, PC World |  Internet, wordpress

I also had some trouble embedding the beautiful slide show I created on my test WordPress website, which used a relatively narrow theme. I was able to make the slide show narrow enough, but it would not render correctly. Switching themes fixed the problem, which means it is not inherent to SlideDeck, but was caused by some conflict between SlideDeck and the original theme I was using. That's the flip side of the coin to SlideDeck using standard technologies rather than Flash: CSS and JavaScript conflicts can happen.

Despite these technical glitches, I came away impressed with SlideDeck 2. You can debug any theming conflicts relatively easily with any modern browser that has an Inspect Element function, or in Firefox with the excellent Firebug add-on. SlideDeck's appealing admin interface, the great variety of possible sources, and the beautiful and detailed lenses that ship with the plug-in convinced me: This is one high-quality way to set up a slide show for your WordPress website.

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