8 reasons to gear up for HTML5 now

By Richard Hein, CIO |  Internet, HTML5

  • Video: Used to render video content.
  • Audio: Used to define sound content.
  • Embed: Used to insert, or embed, some type of multimedia content.
  • Track: Defines text tracks for video and audio tags.
  • Canvas: Allows for rendering of games, graphs and other visual images on the fly.

This technology allows developers to flex their HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills instead of using Flash or Silverlight. The Video and Audio tags perform better, too, which results in smoother playbacks and better power consumption, not to mention playback across all platforms. Finally, built-in support for captions and subtitles makes adding video and audio elements to a website easier than ever before.

2. Semantics

Many Web presentation elements have been made obsolete by Cascading Style Sheets, which stole their thunder long ago. While HTML5 will still render these items, you really should have shifted away from them years ago. If frame elements are no more in the HTML5 spec, though, then what we are left with to replace them?

Enter HTML5 semantics, which are carefully designed to extend the current capabilities of HTML while still enabling users of legacy browsers to access your content. These shouldn't be thought of as simply features you may or may not use, but, rather, the foundations upon which you build Web apps and pages. These semantic elements enhance the user experience and touch several areas, including search, accessibility, interoperability and internationalization.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out how, or why, these are important changes. A correctly coded page should have page title and posting info in its Header tag, with the article body falling inside Article tags. Items such as social buttons or follow-up items appear in the footer. Put another way-no more search algorithms or guesswork in determining what type of content goes where. The end result is simply a better user experience.

3. Web Accessibility Initiative - Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA)

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