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OccupiedWallStreetJournal domain goes up for auction as owner moves to new protest site


A site set up to chronicle the occupation, goals, protests, failures and victories of the Occupy Wall Street movement's original Wall Street occupation is for sale.

The Occupier who owns The Occupied Wall Street Journal announced today the domain is going up for auction at GoDaddy, but not to the 1% the Occupation went to Wall Street to protest.

Interested buyers can just pass on by if they're "crony capitalists," "yuppie scum," or any of the major banks and financial houses that pack Wall Street, according to the sale announcement.

Buyer gets the domain and whatever good will is still attached to it, which was already coming out in the hours since the auction was announced as fans and fellow travelers complained it was being shut down.

The site was "sporadically and selectively blocked …from nearly day 1," according to the (anonymous, mostly) owner, but has continued (also sporadically) to publish even after the initial occupation for which it was named was long gone.

Buyer gets the domain, but not the content,or the slogans:

  • We do not forgive. We are not moving
  • Money never sleeps. Expect us.
  • We were promised cake.

With any luck the buyer will also not acquire the tendency to quote Tyler Durden in mission statements.

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Occupied Wall Street Journal

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