Your personal Wikipedia: 9 free apps and services that help you remember

Storing your knowledge, boosting your memory, and creating your own wiki are a little easier with the help of these services

By Erez Zukerman, PC World |  Internet, apps, computers

Like Zim, WikidPad uses a single-document interface with a topic tree, but it has a native Windows look and feel, and it can serve as a portable app.

Tomboy, Zim, and WikidPad are all free and open-source.

If you are looking for a commercial desktop wiki, ConnectedText is a good choice. This powerful personal wiki starts at $40, but is a mature product with support for revisions, outlines, tables, and more.

Roll Your Own Wiki

Last, but certainly not least, is the geekiest option. MoinMoin is a Python-based open-source wiki for those intrepid users who enjoy installing server-grade software, fiddling with text config files, and watching log lines fly past in a console window.

Employed in large collaborative wikis such as the official Python wiki and the Debian wiki, MoinMoin is surprisingly easy to install as a single-user desktop wiki. If you already have Python, basically you just have to extract it and run a single Python script to start saving pages. Configuring MoinMoin is a different matter, though.

Deciding which knowledge management system to use is all about personal preference. You may find one you love at first sight, or you might encounter a system that gradually grows on you until you wonder how you ever lived without it. Regardless, having a solid personal database can save you tons of time and frustration.

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