Download Firefox 14.0.1 for extra browsing security

This latest major release of Mozilla's popular browser adds several new features to keep users safe on the Web.

By Katherine Noyes, PC World |  Security, Firefox

Speaking of the Awesome Bar, another noteworthy change in the new Firefox is that it now auto-completes the URL as you type it, thus potentially speeding up your searches.

4. Plug-In Control

Then, too, there's a new click-to-play feature that gives users better control over how plug-ins like Flash and Quicktime work. When enabled, the feature blocks the automated display of content based on plug-ins until the user specifically clicks on it, thus offering protection against potentially malicious plug-in-based attacks.

5. Additional Support

Finally, other notable new additions you'll find in Firefox 14.0.1 are native full-screen mode on OS X Lion 10.7 for a better experience with videos and Web games as well as developer-oriented support for Pointer Lock API, giving applications better control over the mouse.

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