How to build an online business from scratch

By Nathan Segal, CIO |  IT Management, ecommerce

When it comes time to place the order, use one of the payment processors mentioned above-or, if you have an established business, you can use your existing merchant account. After the customer places his order, redirect him to a Thank You page that gives him a receipt and any download information.

The thank you page, as you would expect, thanks visitors for taking the time to sign up for your services.

When you set up an account with ClickBank, this is the required procedure. This is all well and good, but there is one flaw to the process-you won't be able to capture the customer information for your paid email list. This is crucial for your ongoing marketing efforts, after all.

Here's how to get around the problem. After the customer has completed his purchase, set up a redirect to another signup page that looks like the screenshot below.

Asking customers for their email after they make a purchase will help you separate "prospect" customers from "paid" customers.

After the customer fills in this information, he will then go to the Thank You page and receive an email confirmation of the signup, along with order and download information. Admittedly, this creates a redundant system for making sure that customers get what they paid for. Sometimes, though, they miss these steps and you'll otherwise have to fix the problem on the back end. Using this approach gives customers two methods of obtaining order information.

Profits From Your Lists With Affiliate Programs

Once the sales process is complete, you'll have customer information on two email lists-one for prospects, the other for paid clients. This allows you to target your promotions accordingly.

At this point, I recommend that you look into affiliate programs, which allow you to sell other products and services to your customers and give you a commission for each sale. Places to learn more about affiliate marketing and find lists of businesses offering affiliate programs include, Commission Junction and Linkshare.

Now that you've had an introduction to Internet marketing, future articles will look at building a sales process with OptimizePress, integrating autoresponders with squeeze and sales pages, using PayPal and ClickBank and increasing revenue with affiliate programs.

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