9 ways mobile commerce will increase your holiday sales

By Jennifer Lonoff Schiff, CIO |  Mobile & Wireless, mobile apps, mobile commerce

Tip 2: Make sure your mobile app is cross-platform. "Deploy a mobile presence across all key platforms in time for the shopping season to maximize your reach," says Francisco Kattan, vice president of Marketing at Exadel, an enterprise mobile software developer. "Deploy apps on iOS, Android and Windows devices and an HTML5 mobile web app to cover all other devices. If your app is not already done or well underway, leverage a rapid development platform such as Tiggzi that can deliver a complete app across platforms in days."

Tip 3: Use QR codes. "To get the most out of mobile this holiday season, retailers need to keep mobile customers in the store, by enhancing the in-store experience with QR codes on signage," says Jay Henderson, global strategy program director for IBM's Enterprise Marketing Management group. "By scanning a QR code, customers can be taken to online product pages, where additional information on the product is available, including item comparisons, reviews, price comparisons and the option to buy instantly." The bottom line: "By integrating the online experience with the physical one, retailers have a greater opportunity to retain both the customer and the sale."

Tip 4: Create a mobile special (coupon or discount). "According to the National Retail Federation, the most important factor in 2012 in deciding where to shop is offers for sales and discounts," says Noah Weiss, product manager, Foursquare. For example, "create a special that rewards a [Foursquare] check-in with money off select items or buy-one-get-one-free. Why? When a consumer checks-in, they are telling their entire friend network where they are. And when those friends use Explore on Foursquare (built for searching local businesses and points of interest), your store will index higher in search results."

Similarly, "use text or SMS to send out time sensitive deals," says Stuart Conway, development lead at Metia, a digital marketing agency. "Shoppers are always looking for deals from their favorite retailers, especially during the holidays. Marketers can reach shoppers on the go by sending personalized, time sensitive deals via SMS messages or email."

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