7 email marketing tips to boost holiday sales

By Vangie Beal, CIO |  Small Business, ecommerce, email marketing

Keep in mind that your email customers are increasingly mobile. Citing a recent report from Knotice, Effle says more than one in three emails are read on a mobile device or tablet. On the design side, your holiday email marketing messages should be formatted to fit these devices with a clearly visible call to action. "Direct these mobile email marketing leads to buy your products or services through an equally compelling mobile or tablet shopping experience to increase conversions," Effle adds.

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For ideal email formatting on mobile devices, Campaigner's Faulk says the ultimate solution is to have the email fill the screen completely, regardless of whether the phone is in portrait or landscape orientation. When coding templates, you can increase email text size, change fonts or use email-valid CSS to improve the mobile viewing experience, he adds.

Finally, remember to use thumb-friendly buttons for Sign Up, Register and social media links to make it easy for readers to click on the buttons. "Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to click on a link in an email, but [it's] too small to click on," Faulk says.

6. Make a List and Check It Twice

Like Santa, you should make a list and check it twice, Faulk says. After sending messages, check the analytics of your subscriber list to see how your emails are being read. "You may find that 25% are reading on a desktop versus 75% on a mobile device," he explains. "By checking your list and analytics to understand how your subscribers are accessing and interacting, it will help you design campaigns that match their needs."

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7. The Perfect Email: Simple, But Not Unnoticed

"Remember that this is the time of year when your readers receive a lot of emails from brands vying for their attention," Cates points out. To make sure emails don't go unnoticed, dial up the frequency of emails slightly-and with the rash of holidays over the next few weeks, you shouldn't be at a loss of interesting content to provide readers. Above all else, though, "maintain respect for their inbox and don't overdo it," he adds.

Michael Lee, director of global marketing for Alibaba.com, says you can set your messages apart by using simple designs and a clear, single-minded call to action to increase click through. "For example, include one or two deals in each email," he advises, adding, "remember to not saturate your customers with a plethora of emails during the month of December."

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