How to use LinkedIn's Alumni tool to network, job hunt

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Use the Alumni tool to see which schools place graduates in careers most aligned with your professional goals, Allen suggests. "Search for a school, select the field of study most relevant to you, and you'll get a top 25 list of companies that have hired graduates from the selected school," she says.

Below, you'll see the graduates whose careers match your goals. To see the career paths they took to their current position, click their names.

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How to use LinkedIn Alumni to job hunt: If you're job hunting and know you want to work for Google, for example, use the Alumni tool to find graduates of your school-and with your major-who work there now.

If the company doesn't appear in your top five list, click the magnifying glass icon to search for it. Then, select the field of work to narrow the pool.

"We've found out that most people want to help out fellow students and alumni, and are open to informational interviews," Allen says. "It's a great way to get your foot in the door."

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