How to add payment processing to your small business website

By Nathan Segal, CIO |  IT Management, ecommerce

Below that is the Testing Your Products section. This lets you generate a test credit card and run through the entire ordering process to make sure it works. You need to take this step before submitting your site for approval, and we'll discuss it again later.

The last step is the pitch and thank you page footer. This is customizable JavaScript generated by ClickBank that needs to go at the bottom of your pitch and thank you pages.

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Finally, there's the My Products tab. The default view here is the Standard Products tab, which lets you add various single products for sale. There are several tabs on the My Products page. We'll look briefly at two tabs before taking a longer look at the third.

Pitchplus Upsell Flows tab lets you pitch up to three products after the initial sale and conduct joint ventures with other vendors. In those cases, you sell their products as part of your sales process. Before you can do this, you'll need to have a joint venture upsell contract with that particular vendor. (Note: We're not using the PitchPlus Upsell process in this article.)

Meanwhile, My Shipping Profiles is where you set up shipping profiles for various products. (Since the product we're discussing in this article is digital, this option doesn't apply at the moment, either.)

How to Use the ClickBank Recurring Products Editor

The Recurring Products tab on the My Products page is what we'll be using for this article.

For my pitch and thank you pages, I'm using the Recurring Products page to define how to sell my product--a combination of a book, video tutorials and a coaching program with a renewable monthly membership.

When you set up a recurring product, you'll need to access the editor and enter all the necessary information. To get started, click on the green Add New Product button at the far right of the page. Alternatively, if you've added a product and you want to edit it, go to the far left of the section where you added the item and click on the "Edit this Product" icon.

Either way, this opens the Create/Edit Recurring Products page where you enter all the information about your recurring product.

Here's an example of what the information in these fields means. The initial price of this program is $4.95 for a three-day trial period. After the three days expire, customers are billed $17.00 per month on an ongoing basis unless they decide to cancel. The rebill commission is set at 50%; if another vendor with a ClickBank ID wants to sell my product or service, it will receive a 50% commission after credit card charges.

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