How to add payment processing to your small business website

By Nathan Segal, CIO |  IT Management, ecommerce

The last option is to enter a product image. I chose not to do so in this case.

At the top of this section, you'll see the URLs for the pitch page and the thank-you page.

To learn more about the process of setting up pitch and thank you pages, visit the Vendor Basics and Vendor Checklist pages on the ClickBank site. Meanwhile, to sell multiple products on your ClickBank account, have a look at easy Click Mate.

The Sales Process in Practice With ClickBank

An earlier article described how to set up a sales process in OptimizePress. That's also what I'm doing here. When a prospect comes to this site, the first thing he encounters is the squeeze page, where he enters his name and email address.

Once he presses the Get the Free Report button, two things happen:

He gets a double opt-in confirmation email asking he if he does, in fact, want the free report

He is redirected to the pitch page. Keep in mind that the sales process can be designed so that there's no squeeze page, which means the prospect is taken directly to the sales page.

At the bottom of the pitch page, there are sections for the order button and the ClickBank footer, which we discussed above. Remember that the footer has to be at the bottom of both the pitch and thank-you pages.

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Once you've finished building the pitch page, you need to add a payment link so people can buy your product. Initially, it looks like this:

To put that into use, we need to refer to the Recurring Products Editor section. There, the ITEM number is 9 and my ClickBank affiliate ID is tallman46. The payment URL looks like this:

As a final more step, because I'm using an image within OptimizePress, the final link will look something like this:

< pre > < img src="" alt="add-to-cart-button" title="custom-add-to-cart-button" width="418" height="252" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-712" / >< /a > < /pre >

For your reference, here's more information from ClickBank about the process of creating a payment link.

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