Measuring Pi with real pies

Happy Pi Day! Here are some delicious math-related Pi videos


As you most likely know by now, today is Pi Day, in which math geeks get all excited, especially around 1:59 p.m. (3/14, 1:59)

If you're still confused, you might need a Pi refresher. Or you could just watch a bunch of these Pi-related videos. First up is Numberphile, which decided to see if they could accurately calculate Pi by using hundreds of actual pies.

The numberphile also has a shocking(!) video, in which they talk about the time that Pi was almost redefined to 3.2. Oy!

Math videoblogger "Vihart" (she really enjoys triangles) did a video a few years ago discussing why Pi was wrong, but this year she decided to post a "Singing Pi-Gram" for the day. Enjoy:

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