Explaining March Madness to a Star Wars fan

Even geeks can appreciate college basketball or bracket fun


I realize that the NCAA college basketball tournament has already begun (aka "March Madness"), but I wanted to share this very funny video that uses a whiteboard and Star Wars metaphors to explain to non-basketball fans how the tournament usually plays out.

While many geeks are also basketball fans (especially the ones who love analyzing teams to try and win their office bracket pools), it's possible that many Star Wars fans don't pay attention to the games over the next month or so. That's where this video can help:

If your Star Wars fan still doesn't show interest in the basketball tournament, perhaps you can convince them to take part in the StarWars.com's own tournament - they're trying to determine who the best character is as part of its "This is Madness - The Star Wars Character Tournament". Take a look at this preview video, in which Darth Vader makes his case:

March Madness isn't just for basketball fans anymore - thanks to the Internet, you can participate in any number of different bracket voting games set up by sites - in fact, one of my friends is currently conducting a "1990s one-hit wonder song bracket" survey via a bunch of Facebook friends. I'm not sure why he's included "Cotton Eye Joe" twice, but regardless - tournament time means it's time to determine all sorts of winners and losers via a bracket.

Besides, these challenges are fun once your school has been eliminated (cough, cough - Syracuse).

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