Mash-up gold: SimCity meets Game of Thrones

As far as I know, there are no server issues in Westeros


As we get closer to the March 31 debut of Season 3 of the HBO series "Game of Thrones", we're seeing more videos coming out that pay homage to the show. This includes the very cool animated opening, in which viewers get to see the different cities featured on the fantasy show.

With similar animations occurring in the new SimCity game (you know, the one with all the server problems), it didn't take long for someone to merge the SimCity animations with the theme song from Game of Thrones, creating this video:

The video was created by Sebastian J. "Baratheon" (follow him on Twitter) with German-based video game show GameOne (second video on the page).

And just in case you forgot what the opening looked like, enjoy this video from Season 2.

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