Could this be the geekiest weekend ever?

Clear the DVR and your calendar, people, there's a lot of geeky entertainment coming


Yes, yes, I realize that this is Easter weekend, but what really has a lot of geeks excited are the amount of entertainment options coming up over the next three days. If your DVR is filled up with TV shows that you haven't watched yet, either delete or watch them because there's a bunch of new content coming your way:

Doctor Who
Everyone's favorite time-traveling alien returns on Saturday night (BBC, BBC America), with the second half of Series 7. We met the mysterious Clara in the Christmas special, so now she's back as full-fledged companion to The Doctor. The episode "The Bells of St. John" kicks off the second half of the season. Here's the latest promo - techies will appreciate that it's possible that the "bad guy" in this episode is a monster that travels through Wi-Fi. Wooot!

In case you haven't seen it, here's a quick mini-episode introducing some content before the episode begins:

Game of Thrones
Season 3 of the hit fantasy show on HBO returns Sunday night. For newbies or those needing a quick catch-up on all the characters, check out this video, courtesy of The Daily Beast:

The Walking Dead
The very popular zombie series has its season finale on Sunday. Here's a sneak peek from Episode 316, titled "Welcome to the Tombs":

Sports geeks
The NCAA Tournament continues this weekend with Elite 8 matchups (Go Syracuse!), so if your bracket is still going strong you're going to want to carve out some time this weekend to watch some of those games. In addition, Major League Baseball begins its new season on Sunday night, as the Texas Rangers take on the Houston Astros on ESPN.

To get techie baseball fans in the mood, check out this video from GeekWire, highlighting the new HD video board installed by the Seattle Mariners:

Go Joe!
If you're a movie geek (or toy geek from the '70s or '80s), you'll want to head to the cinema to catch the latest G.I. Joe movie, "Retaliation". Here's a clip to catch you up:

Happy geekend everyone!

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