Trend Alert: Get ready for Vadering

Latest photo meme features fake Darth Vader Force powers


I normally don't comment on photo-based Internet memes like Planking or Tebowing (or my favorite, Bat-manning), but the latest one involves Darth Vader, so yeah, I'm gonna comment.

This one's so new we're not sure it's going to go viral like the Harlem Shake video meme, but if you want to participate in "Vadering", do so as soon as possible before the Today Show finds out about it.

Vadering, as seen in the video below, involves taking a photo of someone in midair, while another person pretends to be Darth Vader with their arm out, as if they were choking you with the power of the Force. Feel free to be creative after that, whether doing it with groups, small woodland creatures or in exotic areas. For more examples, watch the following video:

Have some fun, but be careful! Vader is not really choking you, and you will have to land on the ground at some point.

Hat tip to Brandon Butler from Network World.

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