Lego Thursday: Breaking Bad, Iron Man 3 parodies

Lego animations of popular culture genres continue to grow


Stop-motion Lego animations continue to impress me - it's amazing to see the kind of dedication and devotion of animators aiming to produce entertaining clips for the YouTube crowd.

We have two such animations to present today.

First, watch this brilliant parody of Breaking Bad, re-imagined as a Lego video game, courtesy of Brian Anderson. This video offers some pretty amazing details that capture the show as well as the joys of a Lego-based video game, both in the cutscenes and gameplay:

Next up, with Iron Man 3 coming to theaters on Friday, we have a Lego version courtesy of Antonio Toscano, who has done other Lego movie trailer animations (Star Trek Into Darkness and Man of Steel).

OK, here's my request for animators - let's see some Lego animations from Game of Thrones Season 3!

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