Meet the guys behind AsapSCIENCE

Holy cow, they're Canadian!


I'm a big fan of several science video channels on YouTube (MinutePhysics, Vsauce, etc.), including the fun and witty AsapSCIENCE guys, who often bring an interesting topic/burning question and then give you the animated science behind it.

As part of YouTube's official "Geek Week" promotion/stunt (are you sick of all the geeky videos that have been published this week yet?), the two guys behind the AsapSCIENCE channel, Mitch and Greg, discuss the origins of the channel, how they get ideas for their videos and other assorted tidbits and facts. At 10 minutes long, it's longer than a normal video from them, but worth the time if you're interested in those "behind the scenes" style videos.

After watching their videos for a year, I would have never guessed that they're Canadian, too. Nice job, friends to the North!

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