Love Game of Thrones? Play this 8-bit mashup video game version

Another win for the Internet


Longtime readers of this blog know I often point out a bunch of 8-bit mashups of popular TV shows and movies. On YouTube, there are tons of these, including ones done for "Game of Thrones"

But those videos are done with humor in mind, and they're videos that you watch. Why not create a game that you can play?

This guy did. Abel Alves, a Spanish comic artist living in Uruguay, posted his game on this site. The free download (Windows, 68.2 MB) contains an 8-bit version that will recall side-scrolling Nintendo-based games from the 1980s and 1990s. You can play as four different characters, all trying to survive the gritty world of Westeros and beyond. Below is the trailer for the game, featuring very cool 8-bit music of the TV show's theme song.

Don't blame me if half your day is wasted now.

[Via The Mary Sue and Kotaku]

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