How to win at Connect Four

Get to "Pretty Sneaky, Sis" a lot faster with these strategies


If you have kids or enjoy playing games, the upcoming Christmas season might find you either purchasing or playing a round of Connect Four. The Numberphile YouTube channel has a new video up discussing this game, in which players alternate trying to get four checkers in a row before their opponent does.

The video mainly explains a bunch of the mathematical combinations of wins, draws and losses, but also throws in some strategies that will guarantee a win, as long as you play perfectly (always tricky):

But let's say that you go second, are there any strategies there? Why, yes, YouTube has an answer for that as well:

There are dozens of other Connect Four strategy videos on YouTube as well if you want to learn even more tips/tricks to pull on your 12-year-old nephew during the holidays.

Finally, if you grew up in the 1970s, it's more than likely that you've seen this commercial, in which an overconfident brother defeats his sister in Connect Four, then gets his comeuppance when she is able to turn the tables on him.

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