Squee alert: Amazing Spider-Man 2 official trailer

First long look at the latest web-slinging adventure in 2014


Sony Pictures officially released their longer trailer for its "Amazing Spider-Man 2" movie, opening next year (smaller "teaser" trailers were released earlier).

In the trailer, we get to see some images of new villains (Rhino, Electro and Harry Osborne), as well as action and destruction. Take a look:

I didn't see the original film when it came out a few years ago, because I thought it was still too close to the previous set of Spider-man films. It also feels like we're hitting a point of "too many superhero movies" - there was nothing in this trailer that got me to sit up and say, "Wow, I want to go see that." For next year's slate of superhero films, only the new X-men film has me giddy.

Thoughts on the trailer? Let me know in the comments.

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