Trash-talking Scrabble-playing robot isn't very good

Robot creators interested more in human interaction than a Scrabble champion


In this blog, we've presented many robots that will soon take over humanity's roles in many ways, whether it's the robot soldier that can chase you down, ride a bike or dance to Gangnam Style.

Now comes a video, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, of a robot that can play Scrabble. But before you think this 'bot will be creating 8-letter words out of 7 consonants, watch this video. The creators intentionally made a robot that you could beat at the game. Because they're looking more at the robot's ability to interact with humans, rather than beating them at a board game.

Of course, you still should be somewhat good at Scrabble. The robot will probably win if you can only play words like "CAT" or "THE".

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