The history of Twitter in under 3 minutes

How Twitter went from Twttr to billion-dollar company via cool animation


Mashable has a very cool animation highlighting the history of Twitter, which recently celebrated its eighth birthday.

You might even learn something - like, for example, the name of the blue Twitter bird in its logo:

Mashable also has a Top 10 list video featuring the 10 most-followed Twitter Accounts. Sadly, @shawkeith isn't on the list. But with your help, maybe I can crack the top 10 million!

And if you're interested in trying to remember what your first Tweet was, check out this site. Topsy provides you with a quick way of discovering your first tweet - in the search bar, just type in from:username (your username, without the @ symbol), then click the "All Time" tab and reverse the Sort by bar dropdown to say "Oldest".

Here's my first tweet:

Man, I was exciting. Glad I made that flight.

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