This robot dancer will haunt your dreams

Watch as an animatronic nightmare swivels and shakes


I used to have nightmares about robots like those created by Boston Dynamics, the ones being developed for the military that can chase you down, as if the events in "The Terminator" movies were actually real.

Those nightmares have been replaced by this machine - an animatronic figure created by "acclaimed artist Jordan Wolfson", which is currently being exhibited at the David Zwirner Gallery in New York.

According to the YouTube description, "the figure incorporates facial recognition technology, allowing her to focus on, and unnervingly follow, visitors at the exhibition."

The robot's fluid dance movements are pretty impressive, but I prefer seeing robots dance like the ones that can dance to "Gangnam Style" or other synchronized efforts. Heck, I'd even enjoy watching a bunch of Fosse-style dancers swivel and shake to "All That Jazz" from "Chicago" (jazz hands!). I'm not really understanding the whole creepy mask look, and if this type of dancer ends up in a futuristic gentleman's club, I'm really scared for the future.

Happy dreams everyone!

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