How to rob somebody using Google Buzz

Everybody is either outraged or amused by a new site called Google Buzz is worse!


Everybody is either outraged or amused today by a new site called The site displays an endless stream of live status updates from FourSquare, and until Twitter shut down the PleaseRobMe account, Twitter, by people telling the world that they're not at home. The seriously humorous idea is: Look at all these idiots broadcasting the vulnerability of their homes to robbery.

Google Buzz: Then and Now

The site is worth a chuckle. But it also lays bare the very real truth that social networks and micro-blogs that reveal location data can be useful to crooks.

Unfortunately for Google, its new Google Buzz is especially ripe for this sort of exploitation.

Before I tell you how to rob somebody using Google Buzz, which I will below, let me first tell you why: 1) crooks are already figuring this out; and 2) the only defense is to be aware of threat. In other words, real crimes can happen only when burglars know about it and victims don't.

In other words, I'm telling you how to do this so you won't allow yourself to be victimized. Don't use Google Buzz to broadcast your location to the public!

How to rob somebody using Google Buzz:

1. Recruit a partner. You'll need two people working together to do this.

2. Find an area with a lot of restaurants, or places to shop, or any other place that will detain people for a while.

3. Fire up the Google Buzz mobile app (you'll need either Android or iPhone to comitt this particular crime).

4. Click on the "Nearby" button.

5. Wait for a sucker.

6. Soon enough, somebody will post something like, "Having breakfast with my parents." The post will tell you their name, and also the actual restaurant. Because you're using Buzz's "Nearby" feature, that restaurant will probably be within a minute or two walking distance.

7. Fire up a browser and search Google for the person's name, plus "" with no quotation marks. It's very likely that a bunch of photos of your target will be found on the Profiles page. This will enable you or your partner to identify and watch the actual person have breakfast while the other robs the house.

8. Use one of the many address finders online, such as to find the person's address.

9. While one crook watches the victim in the restaurant, the other breaks into the house (probably nearby), with the full knowledge that the victim is detained. If the victim leaves, a simple phone from the partner scoping out the victim call can alert the person actually breaking and entering so he can make a clean getaway.

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