• Interop: Avaya breathes new life into Nortel enterprise

    Posted April 29, 2010 - 2:45 pm

    Avaya's data networking business – obtained from its recent $900 million acquisition of Nortel’s Enterprise Solutions group – grew 30% in the company's second quarter, while its government business grew 15%, indications that momentum has returned following Nortel’s bankruptcy.
  • Smartphone management becoming a nightmare

    Posted April 28, 2010 - 4:31 pm

    A survey of 475 Interop attendees pegged mobile device management as the biggest mobile concern, with 200 people saying that is their top worry.
  • Interop: HP sees no China-related threat to U.S. business

    Posted April 28, 2010 - 3:53 pm

    HP's immersion into China stemming from the purchase of 3Com does not present challenges as far as landing enterprise accounts in North America, specifically with large governmental institutions, according to the company's networking chief.
  • Interop: Cloud security raises concerns for auditors

    Posted April 28, 2010 - 3:39 pm

    If you think meeting security audits is tough, try passing one if you’ve got your data in a cloud, Interop attendees were told today.
  • Life after IBM is all green for ISS co-founder Tom Noonan

    Posted April 28, 2010 - 3:30 pm

    Tom Noonan embraces life after IBM with JouleX, a green IT company.
  • Clouds helping start-ups grow, but lack enterprise capability, investors say

    Posted April 28, 2010 - 2:07 pm

    Cloud computing is making it easier for startups to develop new technology, but once companies grow beyond a certain size they may find current cloud technologies do not meet their requirements.
  • Interop: Avaya CEO touts lasting impact of SIP

    Posted April 27, 2010 - 9:39 pm

    Session Initiation Protocol will remain the driver of innovation in unified communications for the next decade, putting it on par with TCP/IP as a networking game changer, Avaya's CEO told an overflow crowd at his Interop keynote address Tuesday.
  • 40G Ethernet takes center stage at Interop

    Posted April 26, 2010 - 5:01 pm

    Switching will once again be all the rage at this week's Interop conference in Las Vegas as the first 40Gbps Ethernet products are slated to be unveiled.
  • F5 steers WAN optimization to virtual, cloud environments

    Posted April 26, 2010 - 1:44 pm

    F5 is announcing at Interop an enterprise cloud architecture that incorporates its existing load load balancing, WAN optimization and security products with new ones to address the requirements of virtualized environments.
  • Interop Planning Guide: Cloudy forecast

    Posted April 12, 2010 - 9:51 pm

    To say that this year's Interop will feature a lot on cloud computing would be an understatement. Of course, cloud computing is only one of the many topics experts at Interop are due to discuss this year. If you're not interested in the cloud, you can always attend sessions on virtualization, mobility, VoIP and more. This Interop Planning Guide should help you pick out the most interesting sessions with the most relevant speakers to match your area of expertise.
  • Cloud computing, virtualization top Interop agenda

    Posted April 12, 2010 - 4:11 pm

    In this Q&A with Interop general manager Lenny Heymann, we discuss the major themes of this year's show, the impact of cloud computing on the enterprise and how the rise of the iPad might affect IT.
  • Five unconventional ways to lose your shirt in Vegas

    Posted April 12, 2010 - 4:08 pm

    A veteran convention attendee's guide on what to watch out for when in Las Vegas.
  • IT automation technology dominates Vegas conferences

    Posted May 26, 2009 - 4:40 pm

    Automation isn't new, but with few budget dollars and strapped IT staff, many enterprise network managers are turning to the technology to complete operational tasks and create a more efficient environment.
  • Fibre channel over Ethernet a hot topic, so hurry up and wait

    Posted May 21, 2009 - 4:58 pm

    FibreChannel over Ethernet is considered an initial step towards a converged data center switching fabric, and it was a hot topic at this week's Interop conference.
  • iPhones in the enterprise leaving IT at wit's end

    Posted May 21, 2009 - 4:53 pm

    Executives smitten with iPhones are forcing enterprise IT departments to come up with ways to support the mobile devices even though big security and management questions abound.
  • Virtual server management demands strong policies, automation tools

    Posted May 21, 2009 - 3:55 pm

    Automation tools are important in preventing virtual server sprawl, but IT managers have to set strict policies and enforce them to avoid unnecessary proliferation of virtual machines.
  • SaaS vendors need to get a clue about APIs

    Posted May 20, 2009 - 3:02 pm

    One big obstacle to SaaS vendors getting their applications adopted more widely is that so many of them don't offer open APIs.
  • Virtualization cost savings hard to come by, Interop survey finds

    Posted May 20, 2009 - 11:52 am

    Despite the reported benefits of virtualization, a majority of IT managers polled at Interop this week say they experience problems with the technology and don't always realize the cost benefit.
  • SAP CTO: Our customers are creating 'cloud economies'

    Posted May 20, 2009 - 9:31 am

    SAP is already a major player in the cloud computing world because its customers are using their ERP implementations to create "cloud economies" that expose system data to customers and partners, CTO Vishal Sikka said Tuesday during a keynote address at the Interop conference in Las Vegas.
  • Cloud-management wares multiply

    Posted May 19, 2009 - 9:46 am

    A handful of vendors this week at Interop Las Vegas plan to debut new and upgraded products designed to help monitor application performance and IT service delivery in cloud computing environments.
  • Ixia to demo 100G Ethernet at Interop

    Posted May 12, 2009 - 9:07 pm

    At Interop next week, test vendor Ixia says it will transmit and receive Ethernet traffic at 100Gbps through a CFP Multi-Source Agreement optical module.
  • 25 random things about Las Vegas

    Posted May 4, 2009 - 4:25 pm

    For those who attend Interop this month and think they have some free time, here are 25 quintessentially Vegas things to consider while visiting the city of lights.
  • The Network World Interop 2009 Planning Guide

    Posted May 4, 2009 - 4:14 pm

    Interop Las Vegas runs from May 17-21 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Here's a handy list of the must-see sessions.
  • Interop soldiers on in face of bad economy, swine flu

    Posted May 4, 2009 - 2:46 pm

    Interop Las Vegas faces challenges because of restricted IT budgets nationwide, the poor economy and the unpredictable impact of a swine flu epidemic, but the show is forging ahead with new programs including a segment dedicated to cloud computing.
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