Sony shows power outlets that can control electricity by user, device, or source

The tech company hopes to employ its widely used Felica touch-card technology in electrical power sockets and plugs

By Jay Alabaster, IDG News Service |  Consumerization of IT, consumer electronics, environment

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Using Sony's touch-card technology, a smart wall socket detects a hair dryer with an RFID chip and tracks details of its use and power consumption.

IDG News Service

Sony is developing electric wall sockets and plugs that can control power consumption by appliance, user or original power source.

The company showed several demonstrations of its technology Tuesday in Tokyo, including "smart sockets" that only dish out electricity to approved users or devices, and a home power grid that constantly tracks electricity use by time and appliance. Sony has no firm date for when the technology will be released, but hopes to cooperate with appliance makers, power companies, and large infrastructure developers in rolling it out.

"These outlets will perform authentication whenever a device is plugged in," said Taro Tadano, a general manager in Sony's technology development division.

A Sony concept for a smart plug and wall socket using its touch-card technology, in which the socket detects the plug and can control its access to electricity.

IDG News Service

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